Message From The Chairman

Rob McCall

al khaliji itself embodies past, present and future ambitions of a generation that has hope and determination to reach beyond borders. Our vision as a Qatari bank is connected to the vision of the State of Qatar 2030, during which we take it upon ourselves to contribute to the development and support of the banking sector in the country; a key precursor to diversifying the economy as stated in the vision. We are committed to ensuring that this vision is fulfilled.

Our slogan – ‘next generation banking’ is, in fact, a higher aspiration and the growth of our bank is linked directly to the future of our society. We have committed ourselves to its well-being, throwing our weight behind environmental and social causes. We want to be perceived not only as a bank, but as a primary engine of the improvement of our society.

Since the bank launched in 2008 we have achieved consistent success, despite the global financial crisis. We reported growth from the very first quarter of our operations and we continue on our journey, which aims to achieve record growth continuously. Our growth is a reflection of the success to our approach and our focused strategy.

Qatar is blessed with leadership that possess foresight and vision. It is because of their wisdom and their support for the national economy that al khaliji, and Qatar, emerged from the crisis relatively unscathed. The economic and financial climate the was created as a result of government policy allowed financial institutions to thrive. This in turn allowed banks - such as al khaliji - to focus on their own line of business. By holding fast to our strategy, and by keeping our values close to heart, this favorable climate has meant that we can continue to grow.

As pioneering Qatari financial institution we will remain focused on our medium-term business strategy, in line with current regional economic realities. Whilst proud of our diverse portfolio, we will concentrate on our medium and large corporate and business banking clients and the premium segments, offering differentiated corporate and individual products and services tailored to the client needs. Simultaneously, we will continue to expand our treasury management and invest in our future vision. Our remarkable profits are a result of strict adherence to our successful strategy.

I believe that it’s time you get to know us better.
Welcome to next generation banking.

Hamad Bin Faisal Bin Thani Al Thani
Chairman and Managing Director