Corporate and Institutional

Qatar is one of the fastest emerging economies in the world and companies operating in this market need a dependable banking partner to assist them in managing their growth. Precise financial management is crucial for business endurance and expansion.
We at al khaliji will work closely with you to comprehend your business needs and extend realistic solutions. Our experienced relationship managers can offer you customised solutions to help you attain your business ambitions.

corporate lending
Working capital is essential for any business to succeed. A lack of working capital can really hold a business back from reaching it's full potential.
club and syndicated loans
A club or syndicated loan is a large loan in which a group of banks work together to provide funds to a borrower under common terms and conditions.
structured finance
When more conventional methods of obtaining a business loan are either undesirable or not possible, there is always the option of structured finance.
trade finance
Whatever your import or export needs, we will ensure smooth running of all your trade transactions by providing expertise in letters of credit and guarantees.
cash management
Businesses have to remain profitable while managing increased credit risk and narrowing margins. We offer a competitive and innovative range of cash management and payment solutions.
Improving financial performance whilst managing risks to enhance shareholder value is our way to help you. We help you address the most complex of business and financial challenges in today’s competitive business environment.
financial institutions
Financial Institutions takes care of your cross border needs, providing you a complete range of services to facilitate your international cash management, cross-border payments and trade finance.
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