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Personal Banking

At al khaliji, we pride ourselves in finding ways to do things differently. That's why we've been working hard to create a range of products and services that challenge the boundaries of traditional banking products.

credit card
Apply for an al khaliji credit card now and save money this summer.
Would you like an account that fuses together all the services you need from a current account, with all the interest earning benefits of a savings account? Yes we thought you'd like it.
Imagine earning interest on your Savings Account and still being able to get your hands on your cash whenever you wanted. Would you be excited? Yes, we thought so.
fixed deposits
There are times in your life when peace of mind is the priority. Perhaps you have some extra funds that you would like to grow but you want to make sure your capital stays intact? We can help.
next generation ATM's
Whenever you need, 365 days, 24 hours, al khaliji ATMs are at your service. Did you know that you can complete many of your banking transactions easily without waiting in queue or visiting a branch?
prevent fraud
Some tips and advice to reduce the likelihood of card fraud happening to you.