Sms Banking

al khaliji sms banking is the SMS banking service from al khaliji. It provides you with quick, easy and secure access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anytime and anywhere you want via simple SMS messages.

Our SMS Banking will work on all mobile phones so you don’t need a smart phone to use it. Also, if you are an al khaliji Mobile Banking user and you are in an area without internet connection, you can use this service as a backup.

The following services are available via SMS Banking:

  • Account balance
  • Last 5 transactions
  • Loan balance
  • Credit card balance
  • Credit card minimum payment due
  • Pay credit card
  • Request cheque book

Further services will be added in the future.

There are two easy ways to register for al khaliji SMS Banking

  • Login to internet banking and activate SMS banking
  • Call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 4494 0000 to authorize your mobile number, and a PIN code will then be sent to your mobile phone

To use al khaliji SMS Banking you need to:

  • Send an SMS with your PIN code to 92783 – this will activate the service for 10 minutes
  • Once you receive the confirmation SMS from us, send an SMS to 92783 with the relevant transaction code for the service you require. (Please see below for the list of transaction codes).
  • If you forget your PIN, please call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 4494 0000 or log into internet banking.

The transaction codes for the services available are as follows:-

  • 00- For all your account balance
  • 00- Followed by your account number for the last 5 transactions on your account e.g. 00 123456
  • 01- For your outstanding Loan Balances (for all loans with al khaiji)
  • 02- For your credit card balance
  • 03- For your credit card minimum payment due
  • 03- Followed by the amount in QAR to make a payment on your credit card e.g. 03 1500
  • 04- Followed by your account number to order a new cheque book e.g. 04 123456

If you need any help or have an enquiry please call our 24/7 Contact Centre on 4494 0000 To view our Terms and Conditions please click here